New 7 Wonders of Nature Campaign is a scam

In its website, the New7Wonders foundation says it is in partnership with the United Nations, specifically with the United Nations Office For Partnerships in New York. (New7wonders, Interesting Questions and Answers)




Doubting the authority of the foundation, I sent an email to the UNOP and asked to confirm this in April 2011. Here's the answer.




Having received this email, I sent another one pointing out that the UNOP website shows a list of partners which includes the New7Wonders as one of them. ( ) Again, the UNOP denied any current partnership with the New7Wonders. (although it is true that the UNOP Executive Director attended the declaration of “New 7 Wonders of the World” ceremony in 2007 )




New7wonders is not just a liar. It is now known that it has demanded high fees from participants of its campaign, Indonesia and Maldives. As a result, Indonesia decided to decline hosting the ceremony announcing the competition’s winners a few months ago and Maldives to withdraw from the New7Wonders campaign recently.



Things are now getting clearer. New7Wonders campaign is a scam that the media should pay attention to.



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